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If you need roof repair in the Charlotte NC area, you need Evergreen Roofing specialists for the job in Charlotte NC. Our reputation as Charlotte’s premier company has been earned through our commitment to hard work, putting our customers first, and most importantly, getting the job done right.

Choose Evergreen Roofing Specialists In Charlotte NC

No matter if you’re a homeowner with a residential roofing issue or you’re in need of commercial roof repair, Evergreen Roofing has got you covered. Call us today at 704 476 1572 in Charlotte NC to set an appointment for a roof assessment so we can diagnose the problem and outline the best solution for your issue.

In Need Of Roofers For Repair Work

Your roof is your family’s defence against everything the North Carolina weather can throw at your home. Heavy winds, rain, sleet, snow, hail, and fallen trees are all threats to the integrity of your roof. We not only look for the damage your roof may need to have repaired, but we also look for anything that these Carolina elements can do to compromise your roof in the future. This holistic approach is what our customers appreciate the most about this important work we do.

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Replacement Specialists

Our contractors are all licensed and insured roofers. However it may make sense to re-roof.

Complete replacement in some circumstances will be your best option. At Evergreen we take pride in providing an honest assessment of what is best for your unique circumstance. We aim to be the only roofers in Charlotte North Carolina you turn to when in need.

Repair Specialists

If you’ve experienced damage to your roof, it may make more financial sense for us to replace the entire roof altogether.

Depending on the amount of damage your home and the provisions within your homeowner’s insurance, you may find it less expensive for you to replace all damage with the best materials rather than just repairing the damaged sections.


Our contractors have decades of experience and know exactly what they’re looking for when assessing damage.

We only hire the best and most experienced roofers and contractors. We don’t hire rookies that don’t know what they’re doing up there.

The Chimney

The area around the chimney is one of the most likely areas to leak. We make sure that all borders of the chimney are sealed perfectly.

Nothing but the highest quality materials are used to ensure that the seal of your roof’s chimney has no leaks that can compromise your home.

Our Roofers Inspection & Maintain

Evergreen is proud to offer aerial inspections. We provide residential and commercial inspections that are using state of the art technology to diagnose the damage fast.

Our expert roofers inspect by using a wide range of cutting edge technology including thermal camera-equipped drones to detect and analyze moisture within the roof that is often undetectable by the human eye.

Roof Decking

Our roofers can easily determine whether or not the panels that are under the shingles need to be replaced. This is called roof decking.

This is an excellent example of how our roofing specialists are looking for the core problems your may have. Not always visible to the untrained eye.

A No Obligations Price Estimate
Only takes a few seconds!

One of our licensed roofing specialists will come to your home to give you a no-obligation price estimate.

Once you have received your quote, we want you to feel free to ask any question you may have. Our roofing contractors in Charlotte NC are here to answer any and all
questions that you have so that you feel comfortable trusting us with your repair or replacement work.


With Evergreen Roofing Specialist Charlotte NC, We Make The Choice Easy.

“Stephen at Evergreen was awesome! We noticed some staining on the ceiling. Sure enough we had damage. Evergreen came to our rescue! We were already stressed enough with what comes along with re-roofing. I was very picky with my 12 year old roof and making sure to find a good roofers to do the job right. Thanks again boys! I will be using them in the future!”


“Evergreen Charlotte NC roofers provided great service. Our representative, Stephen, was amazing. He walked us through the entire process. With every question relating to our new job I had, he was there to answer it. This company was able to complete the work in one day. The men did a fantastic job. If you’re looking for a company that will do quality work in a timely manner, contact Evergreen.”