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Most residential roofing is generally characterized by having a sloped design that utilizes asphalt shingles, clay tiles, slates, wood shake, metal tiles, and reinforced concrete tiles. Most local government officials and local construction authorities have established codes of practice. This ensure’s the safety of inhabitants of residential structures and local businesses built with these materials.

As outlined in most codes of safety, the asphalt roofing industry counts for more than 80 percent of all residential roofing in the United States. The tried-and-true asphalt shingle remains the most popular choice among homeowners for many reasons. As a result of recent research and development, asphalt shingles have been designed to meet all fire, weather, and wind resistance safety codes. All asphalt roofing products we supply comply with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards. Including fire resistance, and all other products to meet ASTM wind resistance criteria as well.

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Charlotte NC Evergreen Roofing Shingles & Asphalt

Most asphalt shingles require little or no maintenance and can be easily repaired if damaged. These products are available in all colors and dimensional and can be custom-made to your requirements and also to complement a variety of roofing styles. The advantages are meaningless if the shingles are not correctly installed to standard. To locate a professional in your area click here

The initial installation of asphalt-saturated felt underlayment is highly recommended. It provides a safe second level of water resistance, it also protects the wood decking until the shingles are fully installed, it serves as extreme protection in the case a shingle is defective or falls off, and also that fire rating standards are met.

Most homeowners when re-roofing is underway then applying asphalt shingles directly over the insulation. Asphalt roofing manufacturers recommend against this practice for the following reasons: 1) shingles may be damaged or punctured when nailed onto a non-rigid surface, 2) the nail-holding power of shingles applied directly over insulation may not be adequate, leaving shingles prone to the wind blow off, and 3) due to the insulation preventing heat dissipation underneath the shingles, heat build-up may accelerate the weathering and affect the long-term life of the roof. roofing questions??

As in all tear-offs, something must be done with the discarded material. Residential asphalt shingle tear-off is no exception. The asphaltic materials can be recycled into a high-quality underlayment for private driveways and parking lots. With a little added asphalt, the material can be used to patch potholes.

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